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4137 Productions

What Is 4137 Productions

4137 Productions is a creative collective focused on telling stories and pushing limits. We want to give our clients a one-stop-shop to make their ideas a reality. Film, Podcasts, advertising, animation, and more. Your own imagination is the limit. 4137 Productions is excited to come alongside you to make something great together.

Our Team


Ryan Mjoen

CEO & Creative Director 

With a background in documentary filmmaking, Ryan's love for storytelling and creativity inspired him to start 4137 Productions. His desire is to shine a light on companies, people, and stories the world needs to hear about.


Shawn Rieke

Sound Engineer

Shawn has been part of the team since the beginning. With extensive experience in sound design, live concert recordings, and Podcasts, he takes the audio side of our work to the next level.


Dominic Pierri


Music is vital to bring a project together and give it the energy it needs. Dominic has the skills and passion necessary to tailor composition perfectly with visuals, capturing the essence of a story.


Matheus Guimaraes


Matheus has an outstanding background in social media editing, which gives his video edits a punch that makes them different from the rest. Above all, Matheus has a passion for telling peoples' stories.


Douglas Alberts

Designer & Animator

Douglas Alberts uses his truly creative mind to bring your stories and ideas to life, no matter how big. Whether it is a simple bumper video or an entire short animated film, Doug's work stands out in an amazing way.


Carter Fricano

Community Cultivator 

Community is one of our four core values. Carter is not only responsible for the community we create outside of 4137 Productions but the community within. People over their work and Community before business. With something so core to 4137 Productions, it makes sense to have a whole job dedicated to it. Carter's compassion and drive leads to a healthy, centered, and growing community for 4137 Productions. 

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4137 Production is a busy company with big dreams! Anna is the organizing machine that keeps us on track and makes sure we are keeping our standards. She is behind every podcast launch, every video pitch, and every location scout. With someone like Anna behind the team, it's no wonder we have been able to hit the mark time after time. 

Project Manager

Anna Madeley