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Teacher Assisting a Student


The definition of the exodus is a mass departure of people. Our world is always moving and people are looking for the best opportunity. It is then no wonder that we are seeing the highest turn over teachers in the history of education. These are not just teachers leaving their job but the teaching profession completely. The mass exiting of teachers will leave a void, a void that I’m afraid we may feel for generations to come. 

Project Goals 

Exodus looks to explore the reason for teachers leaving the profession. We all know that education is flawed but Exodus looks to give teachers a chance to talk about their struggles to an audience that is outside of the industry as well as other teachers who may feel alone in their struggle. 

Project Goals 

We want to explore many different types of schools all over the country and cast a wide net to interview teachers. We are not trying to fix the problem but to see what teachers are really being affected by. 

Production and Plan Detail

The documentary is going to differ from most. We want to interview teachers through zoom. Not only does it capture the times at which the film be made but allows us to reach more teachers than we would ever be able to. 

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